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Phoenix Chiropractor | Dr. Randall Widmaier

Chiropractic Care Helped My Back Pain!

Dr. Randall Widmaier was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in N.J. before attending Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA.

It was due to a personal chiropractic success that Dr. Widmaier had, following sport injuries that lead him into Chiropractic.

He states he always knew he wanted to help people in some form of health care and when he got great results with his back pain he decided Chiropractic was the route he wanted to take.

Chiropractic Path

Dr. Widmaier Graduated from Chiropractic College in 1982 he practiced in Pennsylvania for five years before moving to Phoenix in 1987. Since that time Dr. Widmaier has treated professional basketball, baseball, soccer, football players as well as Olympic athletes and serving as team Chiropractor for an Indy Car Team.

Dr. Widmaier is a member of the Arizona Chiropractic Society and the Christian Chiropractic Association. In addition, he serves as secretary on Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation a Christian organization that benefits youth, is the director of conservative care at the neighborhood Christian Ministries and is an Activator Method Instructor.

He practices what he preaches

Dr. Widmaier takes care of his own health by getting adjustments, eating healthy and exercising with his old friend Mack Newton, a renowned Martial Arts expert who has also helped rehab and condition many professional athletes.

Everyone at Widmaier Chiropractic is committed to delivering excellent patient centered health care and enjoy taking the opportunity to educate others about the health benefits and healing they can experience with Chiropractic care.

At Widmaier Chiropractic we work with a wide array of health professionals from all aspect of medical community to insure patients receive the care they need.

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